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There are a lot of Ego Mini and Ego Starter Kit products on the market. We spend countless hours tracking down and researching the best products on the market and then put them here to not only help you find the right starter kit, but to save you time and money.


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Why Buy the Ego Mini Starter Kit?

There are four reasons I always recommend the Ego mini:Ego starter kit

  1. Its super affordable
  2. Its incredibly easy to use
  3. Its small (fits in the palm of my hand)
  4. Its durable (can stand up to everyday use)

I have a lot of experience working in this industry and the Ego Mini kit is hands down my favorite,  It’s small size makes it perfect for someone on the go.  It fits easily in a purse or pocket.  If your not tech savvy, no problem its as easy to use as a coffee maker. The Ego cigarette in my opinion is better than those for sale at your local convenience store.  I often see e cigs going for $10 or more and their disposable!  you have to throw them away when your done.  That’s crazy, for just a little bit more you could buy a Ego starter kit which comes with a rechargeable battery and a tank that can be refilled over and over. In the state I live in a traditional pack of cigarettes goes for $10-12 a pack.  A 10 ml bottle of E Liquid is equal to about ten packs of traditional cigarettes!  That’s like a 90% savings….Wow! This is the smallest ego cigarette on the market.  Its a simple two piece design (a battery and a tank for your liquid).  What makes the Ego Mini better than your convenience store e cig is through its design.  Simply put, the Ego starter kit  is the easiest, most affordable way to get the least complicated electronic cigarette to own.

Here are the specs for the Ego mini:

  • Battery capacity: 350-400 mAh (varies by manufacture)
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7v regulated
  • Battery color: comes in a wide range of colors so you can customize it to your style
  • Battery length: 60mm (less than 2.5 inches)
  • battery diameter: 14mm (about .5 inches)
  • LED: blue
  • Clearomizer (e liquid tank) : This is generally your standard Ce5 type tank which is durable and super simple to use.  There are many other clearomizers available that are compatible with this system if you want to upgrade your system.
  • clearomizer resistances: 1.8ohm/ 2.4ohm/ 2.8 ohm

Best Compatible Cartomizers

The Ego Mini works very well with different cartomizers.  My favorite is the new Kanger mini Protank 2.  This is a fantastic cartomizer.  Perfect for the Ego Mini.  Here is why this tank is a must buy….

  • Pyrex tank (this is the best)kanger mini protank
  • 2.8ml liquid capacity
  • Bottom coil heating system

These Ego Mini compatible tanks are built to last and have parts that are easy to clean and easy to replace.

The Vivi Nova is another one of my favorites.  These cartomizers come in a variety of colors which makes them fun.  This allows you to customize  your e cig to match your personality.  Change colors for the holidays or to match your style.

  •  4ml capacity (covers me for the week)ego mini
  • Comes in many colors
  • Affordable (built to last, but parts are inexpensive and easy to replace)


Ego Mini Battery

The Ego Mini battery is a great little powerhouse!  It’s affordable price, durability, ease of use, and small size make it my favorite ego battery.  Check out the specs:

Color:  red, blue, pink, green, black, stainless

Size: 60mm length, 14mm diameter

weight: about 28 grams

Capacity: 350-400 mAh

battery life:  About 3hrs with continuous use.  (mine lasts me the entire day)

Charge Time: 1.5hrs

Voltage: 3.7v

Also has short circuit protect and over discharge protection.


What is a eGo cigarette?

      eGo electronic cigarettes have evolved a lot in recent years. In the beginning there was a very small selection to choose from and only a few retailers who sold these products. Fast forward to today and a quick online search will reveal hundreds of online retailers all wanting to sell you there e cigs and e liquids. I have extensive knowledge about electronic cigarettes, especially the eGo Mini.  I have helped in the creation of setting up both a brick and mortar store as well as create a online shop. I have established relationships with many overseas manufactures of electronic cigarettes and there accessories and thoroughly understand the process of manufacturing e liquid and what separates a quality liquid from a crappy one.

     My goal with this website is to help you have a better understanding of the e cigs available, how to choose the right one for you, and hopefully get you to share my site with your friends.

What Makes A good E cig?

     Over the last couple of years I have seen explosive growth in electronic cigarette sales industry wide. There are some big players such as blu, green smoke, njoy, and V2 just to name a few. I have also seen what seems like 100′s of smaller shops pop up across the country, both brick and mortar and internet shops. When I first stepped onto the scene most e cigs where made in china along with the e-liquid used with them. Today most e cigs are still made in china which I think is to be expected, but what I am pleased about is the push I’ve seen by many to manufacture e-liquid with U.S. Products in the USA.

     When I look at the different styles of electronic cigarettes available and start my review process of them, I like to start by putting them into groups. I start with quality. The product should be worth the money I’m paying for it and it should be able to hold up to my everyday lifestyle. The next is price. I don’t want to overpay for a product. I would be willing to pay more for a Mercedes C class than I would a Ford escort, because to me Mercedes has a long tradition of producing absolute superior cars. If you slap the Mercedes name on a ford escort does that make the escort better, absolutely not. With e cigs sometimes retailers will charge more simply because the have a name printed on their electronic cigarette in a effort to brand their product. This is fine and I would do the same, but it doesn’t always relate to a higher quality product. The third major factor for me is how easy is it to use. I don’t think you should need a degree in engineering to be able to use a product.

     To sum it all up my perfect electronic cigarette would simply be one that can hold up to the rigors of being carried around in my pocket and still function properly. One that doesn’t cost me a fortune to operate and maintain, a great example of this is of course the eGo Mini. Finally it should be simple to use, easy to refill, easy to charge.


What is the right electronic cigarette for me?     

     When your looking to buy a e-cigarette you should start by looking at ones that would fit your lifestyle. If your someone constantly on the go, traveling, working, etc.. your not going to want a 1100mAh cigarette bouncing around in your pocket or purse. Don’t get me wrong these are great but their size isn’t suitable for someone on the go. In this situation I would go with a e-cig in the range of 180mAh-450mAh. Small and convenient, but still has enough power to get you through your day.

      Next I look at the cost of using my e cig over time. For my everyday eGo cigarette I use one that can handle the wear and tear, but when I do need to replace a part such as a battery or cartomizer I can do so without breaking the bank. Sure I love the fancy e cigs and the eGo mods available but I don’t like to haul those around with me all day for fear of breaking them. They are much more expensive and so I use those around the house.

      The final thing I consider is do I want a electronic cigarette that uses pre-filled cartridges or do I want a tank that I fill myself. I personally prefer a cartomizer that I fill myself. To me these give you more bang for your buck and It also opens up a world of e-liquid flavor opportunities, which I think is fantastic.

      My favorite electronic cigarette is the eGo Mini. Its powerful yet small, elegant yet durable. Its inexpensive and is customizable to me. I love the huge color selection and because it’s a eGo, there are tons of different tanks that are compatible with it. I hope you find your perfect e cig and please when you do tell me about it. I look forward to hearing from you…Enjoy!




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